SRC Membership and Contact Information

SRC committe members are all appointed by Governor to three-year terms and serve (except for the Coordinator) without compensation

Max Barrows, Worcester, [email protected]  Performance Review Committee

Sherrie Brunelle, Colchester,  [email protected]  Policy & Procedures Committee (Chair); Performance Review Committee

Julia Burakian, Windsor, [email protected] Performance Review Committee (Chair)

Diane Dalmasse, Stowe, (Director, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation)   [email protected]  Steering Committee

Martha Frank, Burlington, [email protected]   Performance Review Committee

Jessalyn Gustin, Bradford,  [email protected]  Performance Review Committee

Christopher Kane, Burlington, [email protected]  Performance Review Committee

Adam Leonard, Underhill, [email protected]  SRC Chair; Steering Committee;  Performance Review Committee

Sam Liss, Arlington, [email protected]  SRC Vice-Chair; Policy & Procedures Committee

Rose Lucenti, Randolph, [email protected]  Performance Review Committee

Michelle Paya, Colchester, [email protected]  Policy & Procedures Committee

Brian Smith, Randolph, [email protected] Performance Review Committee

Olivia Smith-Hammond, Burlington, Performance Review  Committee

Leslie Walker Mitchell, East Ryegate, [email protected]  Policy & Procedures Committee; Performance Review Committee

Support Staff

James Smith, Williston (Budget & Policy Manager, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation)  [email protected]   Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Liaison to the SRC

Debra Kobus, Hyde Park, [email protected], State Rehabilitation Council Coordinator




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