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VCDR 2019 Weekly Summary of Legislative Activities, Committee Agendas and Calendar of Events February 11 – February 15

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VCDR 2019 Weekly Summary of Legislative Activities, Committee Agendas and Calendar of Events

February 11 – February 15

Vermont Coalition for Disability Rights

VCDR publishes a weekly legislative calendar of events, committee schedules, and floor activities during the 2019 Legislative Session. This is the first year of the two year legislative biennium.

These weekly alerts contain summaries of legislative activities, committee agendas, and House and Senate Calendar items that would be of interest to the disability community. The complete committee schedules will not be found here, but a link has been provided for the complete Legislative Committee agendas, the Legislative Calendar and Journal Page, and the Legislative Web-Site.                                                       

You will find highlights of the week’s Legislative activities for specific committees, public hearing notifications, and calendar activity of interest in this weekly report, as well as a listing and brief explanations of legislation introduced at the end of the committee schedules when available.  

This Committee Schedule is generally published on Monday of each week, but is subject to change throughout the week. Please check the calendar online, on the Vermont Legislative web page for updates.





Committees have their own web-pages, where you can find documents and written testimony as well as committee schedules.


House & Senate Committee Assignments:

Make sure when you go to this page you click on “SHOW ALL MEMBERS”




** Calendars and Journals **

House Calendars & Journals


Current House Calendar



Current House Journal



Senate Calendars & Journals


Current Senate Calendar

Current Senate Journals


  As a general rule the House and Senate meet at these times during the session:

Floor Times:





10:00 am

9:30 am


1:00 pm

1:00 pm


1:00 pm

1:00 pm


9:30 am

11:30 am




You can listen on VPR: http://digital.vpr.net/online-streams

Listen to House and Senate activity when they are in session

      VCDR – **Vermont Coalition for Disability Rights**

Information may also be found on the VCDR Website: www.vcdr.org

The VCDR Website is now online. Some pages are still under construction.

Please visit our FACEbook Page


***Joint Fiscal Page ***


Joint Fiscal has a new legislative page. You can find the Budget Documents and Fiscal Reports on their site, as well as other information

NEW Department of Mental Health

Budget Talking Points


Budget Presentation


NEW Department of Disabilities, Aging, and Independent Living




NEW Department of Children and Families



FY20 Agency Budget Presentation


FY 2020 Executive Budget Summary – Agency of Administration | FY 2020                                   https://ljfo.vermont.gov/assets/Uploads/9387e7a566/FY-2020-Executive-Budget-Summary.pdf

Budget documents showing the individual agency budgets and the “Up and Downs” (increases and reductions) have not yet been published. Those will be available when the human Services Secretary testified and the Department heads in front of the Appropriations Committee


 Report to the Legislature:  

Data Collection and Report; Patients Seeking

Mental Health Care in Hospital Settings



*** Committee Schedules***

Complete Weekly Committee Schedules



***This Week’s Highlights***

Vermont Medical Society’s Advocacy Day 2019 February 14

On Thursday the Vermont Medical Society has invited a number of legislative committees to a breakfast panel focused on “The Future of Health Care in Vermont.”  Room 10 – 7:30 AM to 9:00 AM in Room 10





The Vermont House and Senate Committees on Appropriations are seeking public input on the Governor’s Recommended FY2020 State Budget and will hold community-based public hearings on:

Monday, February 25, 2019, 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. at the following 5 locations.

Morrisville – People’s Academy High School, Auditorium, top of Copley Avenue

Rutland City – Rutland Public Schools, Longfellow School Building, Board Room

St. Johnsbury – St. Johnsbury House, Main dining room, 1207 Main Street

St. Albans City – St. Albans City School, Library, 29 Bellows Street

Winooski – Community College of Vermont, Room 108, 1 Abenaki Way

Notice Time Difference: 

Springfield – Springfield Town Hall, 96 Main Street, 3rd Floor Conference Room (Selectmen’s Hall)      5:30-6:30 p.m.

The Committees will take testimony on the Governor’s recommended State budget at the above dates and times. Anyone interested in testifying should come to one of the hearings. Time limits on testimony may apply depending on volume of participants.


***Committee Highlights***


House Appropriations: https://legislature.vermont.gov/committee/detail/2020/9

The House Appropriations Committee will continue to hear from all the agencies and departments of state on the proposed FY 2020 Budget. On Monday they will hear from the Department of Mental Health and on Tuesday they will hear from the Department of Corrections. On Thursday they will receive the  2018 Annual Report – Blueprint from the Department of Vermont Health Access

 House Commerce and Economic Development:  https://legislature.vermont.gov/committee/detail/2020/11

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the committee will hear from a number of Workforce Development initiatives. On Friday they will hear from the Administration on their Economic Development initiatives.

House Corrections and Institutions: https://legislature.vermont.gov/committee/detail/2020/17

All week the committee will hear about the Capitol Budget for FY2020-2021.

House Committee on Education: https://legislature.vermont.gov/committee/detail/2020/10

On Tuesday the committee will hear the introduction of   H. 185 – An act relating to transgender and gender nonconforming student access to gender-segregated school programs, activities, and facilities, and on Wednesday and Friday the committee will take up H. 140 – An act relating to the Advisory Council on Special Education and hear from Vermont Legal Aid and the Vermont Council of Special Education Administrators

H. 185 – An act relating to transgender and gender nonconforming student access to gender-segregated school programs, activities, and facilities https://legislature.vermont.gov/Documents/2020/Docs/BILLS/H-0185/H-0185%20As%20Introduced.pdf                                                    

H.140  An act relating to the Advisory Council on Special Education        https://legislature.vermont.gov/Documents/2020/Docs/BILLS/H-0140/H-0140%20As%20Introduced.pdf

 House General, Housing, and Military: https://legislature.vermont.gov/committee/detail/2020/13

On Tuesday and Wednesday the committee will continue to discuss   H. 107 – An act relating to paid family each day of the week                               

H.107 https://legislature.vermont.gov/Documents/2020/Docs/BILLS/H-0107/H-0107%20As%20Introduced.pdf

House Government Operations: https://legislature.vermont.gov/committee/detail/2020/14

House Health Care: https://legislature.vermont.gov/committee/detail/2020/15

The House Health Care Committee will take up the Administrations’ Healthcare proposal again and on Wednesday they will take up   H. 153 – An act relating to banning preexisting condition exclusions. On Thursday they will hear from the Vermont Suicide Prevention Center and get an update on Suicide Prevention Efforts in Vermont

H. 153 – An act relating to banning preexisting condition exclusions https://legislature.vermont.gov/Documents/2020/Docs/BILLS/H-0153/H-0153%20As%20Introduced.pdf  


On Tuesday the committee will take up hear from DAIL on  Residential Care Receivership and on Thursday will hear about Child Care from the Commissioner, Child Development Division, Department for Children and Families

H. 85 – An act relating to increasing the personal needs allowance for certain nursing home residents https://legislature.vermont.gov/Documents/2020/Docs/BILLS/H-0085/H-0085%20As%20Introduced.pdf


House Judiciary: https://legislature.vermont.gov/committee/agenda/2020/291

On Tuesday and Wednesday the committee will take up H.57 – An act relating to preserving the right to abortion


House Transportation: https://legislature.vermont.gov/committee/detail/2020/20

On Tuesday the committee will hear about Transportation for Vermonters – Transportation as a barrier for moving Vermonters out of poverty from Capstone VT transportation program

House Ways and Means: https://legislature.vermont.gov/committee/detail/2020/21

The committee will tack up sections of the Miscellaneous Tax bill all week.



Senate Appropriations: https://legislature.vermont.gov/committee/detail/2020/23

The Committee will take up the Governor’s FY 2020 all week. On Wednesday afternoon the committee will hear from the Secretary of Human Services.

Senate Economic Development, Housing and General Affairs: https://legislature.vermont.gov/committee/detail/2020/32

On Wednesday the committee will take up A. 23 – An act relating to increasing the minimum wage and hear about the Governor’s Vermont Housing Incentive Program.

S. 23 – An act relating to increasing the minimum wage https://legislature.vermont.gov/bill/status/2020/S.23

Senate Education: https://legislature.vermont.gov/committee/detail/2020/24

H.3 https://legislature.vermont.gov/Documents/2020/Docs/BILLS/H-0003/H-0003%20As%20Introduced.pdf

S. 46 – An act relating to ethnic and social equity studies standards for public schools https://legislature.vermont.gov/Documents/2020/Docs/BILLS/S-0046/S-0046%20As%20Introduced.pdf

Report of the Agency of Education Census-Based Advisory Group https://legislature.vermont.gov/assets/Legislative-Reports/edu-act-173-advisory-group-legislative-report-january-2019.pdf

Senate Finance: https://legislature.vermont.gov/committee/detail/2020/25

Senate Government Operations: https://legislature.vermont.gov/committee/detail/2020/26

Senate Health and Welfare: https://legislature.vermont.gov/committee/detail/2020/27

On Tuesday morning the committee will hear about Reforming Vermont’s Mental Health System: Report to the Legislature on the Implementation of Act 200, Section 3 and on Wednesday they will review the Childcare Demand Study. On Friday the committee will hear about Primary Care Spending and Mental Health Payment Reform.

S. 53 – An act relating to increasing the proportion of health care spending allocated to primary care


Senate Judiciary: https://legislature.vermont.gov/committee/detail/2020/29

On Wednesday the committee will hear about Senator Ashe’s Challenge to Reduce the Prison Population and on Thursday discuss a Racial Bias Bill

Senate Transportation: https://legislature.vermont.gov/committee/agenda/2020/539



***Legislation Introduced of Interest***

This is a weekly list of bills introduced this session of interest to the disability community with a short summary of each courtesy of Disability Rights Vermont.

A full listing is attached and can also be found at WWW.VCDR.org


NEW Bills as of February 11, 2019


House Bills, 2/11/19

H. 165 An act relating to increasing penalties for using a portable electronic device while operating a moving motor vehicle.

Introduced by Rep. Brian Smith, Rep. Martin LaLonde, Rep. Robert Bancroft, Rep. Lynn Batchelor, Rep. Patrick Brennan, Rep. Annmarie Christensen, Rep. Mari Cordes, Rep. Martha Feltus, Rep. Nader Hashim, Rep. Lori Houghton, Rep. Charles Kimbell, Rep. Michael Marcotte, Rep. Leland Morgan, Rep. Woodman Page, Rep. John Palasik, Rep. Carl Rosenquist, Rep. Brian Savage, Rep. Charles Shaw, Rep. Joseph “Chip” Troiano, and Rep. Tommy Walz.

Statement of purpose of bill as introduced: This bill proposes to increase penalties for violating laws governing the use of a portable electronic device, including for texting, while operating a moving motor vehicle on a highway.


H. 167 An act relating to the sale and use of fireworks.

Introduced by Rep. Charles Shaw, Rep. Lawrence Cupoli, Peter Fagan, Rep. James Harrison, Christopher Mattos,

Statement of purpose of bill as introduced: This bill proposes to require that a purchaser of fireworks present his or her permit for fireworks use to the seller at the time of the sale, and prohibits the use of fireworks after 10:00 p.m.


H. 162 An act relating to removal of buprenorphine from the misdemeanor crime of possession of a narcotic.

Introduced by Kevin Christie, Rep. Brian Cina, Rep. Maria Cordes, Rep. Nader Hashim, Rep. Lori Houghton, Rep. John Killacky, Rep. LaLonde, Rep. Rep. William Lippert, Rep. Michael McCarthy, Rep. Ann Pugh, Barbara Rachelson, and Rep. Maida Townsend.

Statement of purpose of bill as introduced: This bill proposes to remove buprenorphine from the misdemeanor crime of possession of a narcotic.


H. 160 An act relating to support for enhanced broadband deployment in Vermont.

Introduced by Rep. Laura Sibilia.

Statement of purpose of bill as introduced: This bill proposes to develop programs and initiatives designed to facilitate the deployment of broadband Internet access service throughout Vermont.


H. 159 An act relating to establishing a waiting period for firearms sales.

Introduced by Rep. Martin LaLonde, Rep. Michael Mrowicki, Rep. George Till, Rep. Peter Anthony, Rep. Jessica Brumsted, Rep. Mollie Burke, Rep. Kevin Christie, Rep. Brian Cina, Rep. Selene Colburn, Rep. Harold “Hal” Colson, Rep. Mari Cordes, Rep. Johannah Donovan, Rep. Marcia Gardner, Rep. Diane Gonzalez, Rep. Nadir Hashim, Rep. Mary Hooper, Rep. Robert Hooper, Rep. Lori Houghton, Rep. Mary Howard, Rep. Kathleen James, Rep. John Killacky, Rep. Warren Kitzmiller, Rep. Emilie Kornheiser, Rep. Diane Lanpher, Rep. William Lippert, Rep. Terence Macaig, Rep. Curtis McCormack, Rep. James McCullough, Rep. Jean O’Sullivan, Rep. Avram Patt, Rep. Ann Pugh, Rep. Marybeth Redmond, Rep. Robin Scheu, Rep. Trevor Squirrell, Rep. Thomas Stevens, Rep. Linda Sullivan, Rep. Mary Sullivan, Rep. Maida Townsend, Rep. Tommy Walz, Rep. Rebecca White, and Rep. Michael Yantachka.

Statement of purpose of bill as introduced: This bill proposes to require a 72-hour waiting period for all firearms sales.


H. 158 An act relating to standards for the care of domestic pets

Introduced by Rep. Tommy Walz, Rep. Peter Anthony, Rep. Matthew Birong, Rep. Mary Sullivan, and Rep. Maida Townsend.

Statement of purpose of bill as introduced: This bill proposes to amend standards relating to the care of domestic pets, including standards for 10 activities and programs intended to reduce the number of cats without homes, such as capturing, spaying or neutering, vaccination, and return of unowned cats.


H. 153 An act relating to banning preexisting condition exclusions.

Introduced by Rep. Brian Cia, Rep. Annmarie Christensen, Rep. Mari Cordes, Rep. Anne Donahue, Re

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