State Plan Focus Elements

State Plan Focus Elements

These are the State Plan Elements that will be the focus of discussion by the SRC (Performance Review Committee) for the FY 2012 VR State Plan.  Once the content drafts have been completed and approved by the SRC and VR, the approved content will be uploaded for review.

Section 2: Public Comment on State Plan Policies and Procedures

Section 4.2(c):  Input of State Rehabilitation Council

Attachment 4.8(b)(4):  Arrangements and Cooperative Agreements for the Provision of Supported Employment

Attachment 4.11(c)(1): State Goals and Priorities

Attachment 4.11(c)(3):  Order of Selection

Attachment4.11(d):  State’s Strategies

Attachment 4.11(e)(2):  Evaluation and Reports of Progress

Attachment 6.3:  Quality, Scope, and Extent of Supported Employment Services